Tater’s Takes – Whale Poop and Fireflies

July 15th, 2011 by Potato

A new frozen yogurt place opened up called Kiwi Kraze, and they have the guess the weight of your sundae and get it for free deal. So I did, and I did :) That may have been related to the fact that despite officially moving the goalposts back from the “don’t gain” to “lose weight” objective now that vacation is over, I gained weight this week. Grrr. It may be because I had a number of real Cokes enter my inventory (free > calories).

Then there were a tonne of fireflies out tonight on my walk home. It’s truly magical once you realize you’re not having a stroke.

I’m starting to turn negative on my BB. I like the keyboard, and between email, calendar syncing, and the omnipresence of the hivemind, I’m finding a smartphone to be just ever so handy these days, but I think my next one might be a droid. I like BBM, and I want to be patriotic, but I really don’t know anyone who said “hey, I really miss the days of trying to carefully manage system memory in DOS. I wish there was a phone that let me relive that experience.” I’ve got 4 GB free for photos and music, I don’t know why my cache of 160-char SMSes and apps has to stay in the shallow end… Recently, my ringer just stopped working. The little message light would still flash, and most of the time the vibration would still go off to alert me to a call or message, but no audio. From searching online, this is a frightfully common problem with the BB, and there are a host of zany solutions, including turning it off and on, pulling the battery out (which is a different off and on), and yes, trying to clear out the pathetic amount of “application memory” available. Some combination of that and doing this to the part near the speaker ended up fixing it.

Random hilarious conversation snippets:

“What are wild Popples called? Armadillos?” I’m eternally amazed at how the mind works sometimes. Like when trying to think of an animal that balls itself up at a sign of danger, one goes first to Popples, and from there to their wild equivalent, armadillos (though I would have also thought Popples had a strong hedgehog influence). Actually, I’m amazed anyone remembers Popples at all.


A surprisingly good read on whale poop. (HT: Barry Ritholtz)

John Hempton describes the problem auditors of Chinese RTO frauds faced, that may let them off the hook: in some cases, the banks were in on it. If the banks have lost credibility, what are the implications of that?!

An excellent real-world application of Mathematica. Stupid brownie nuts. “I hate nuts in Brownies.” “Who does that?” “I don’t know, old people?”

The Globe has another article lamenting the limitations of electric cars, this time moaning that the cars can’t handle the all-day all-out testing of an automotive press junket. The author seems to be a bit misinformed, or got his tenses wrong: “pure electric vehicles will be glorified golf carts, useful for short distances, in good weather conditions.” Depending on what you mean by short distances, that’s true: they’re good for commuting within the city, but I wouldn’t count on one for trips to the cottage. But most families in urban areas have two cars (and pretty much all the ones with cottages do), so there is a market for an electric commuter as a 2nd vehicle. But I’m not saying anything new for you guys. Most outrageous was the closer: “The infrastructure necessary for the next generation of volume-produced passenger vehicles will determine their success. […] My money is on fuel cells and hydrogen stations.” I’ll take that bet.

Yet another bank housing analyst turns bearish on Canadian real estate.

And Canadian Business has a bearish article out as well.

A 3D printer using… chocolate. It makes so much sense: it’s a self-binding polymer-type product, so it can form complex 3D shapes (like bunnies), and is well-suited to being put down in layers. Plus, it’s chocolate!

2 Responses to “Tater’s Takes – Whale Poop and Fireflies”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Love my droid. And if you think you’ll miss BBM, the hubs and I use Live Profile to go between his BB and my droid and it has the delivered/read notifications that standard SMS doesn’t.

    I see you have a defense date! I’m done on Monday, can’t bloody wait. Glad you’re nearing the very end as well.

  2. Potato Says:

    Starting to get nervous again as I put my public lecture together, but excited it’s coming to an end!

    Good luck on Monday, if I manage to crawl out of bed and it’s not too hot for the bike ride up to campus, I’ll be there! (A resounding vote of confidence, I know)