Heat Wave!

July 21st, 2011 by Potato

It’s 4am right now and I’m awake. I don’t want to be awake, but I have a massive headache that’s just riding that edge where it’s threatening to spill over into a migraine… that or it’s just a really bad headache and the heat from the day (though now I’m safely ensconced in my air conditioned lair) is what’s making me nauseous.

I looked up the weather for tomorrow: 38°C, feels like 49°C. That is just stupid hot. 49 is painfully hot, like if you were to run your hand under hot water that was 49, you’d probably only be able to tolerate it for a few tens of seconds before having to pull it out from the pain. So if the humidex is right and it will feel like 49 all over my body tomorrow in the sun, then that is not good. That is going to be painful. Even without the humidex adjustment, it’s going to be above body temperature even in the shade. That is not healthy. I’ll probably be catching up on sleep all day once this headache lets me finally rest, but if I am awake I am going to be doing everything humanly possible to not go outside.

I had plans to go to a friends’ cottage this weekend. Like most cottages (but unlike my crazy family’s) it doesn’t have A/C. I kind of laughed at my dad when he put A/C in the cottage, since hey, it’s a cottage. It’s not as hot by the water as it is in the city, and even though most days can get pretty sticky in the summer, at night it cools off enough and there’s usually enough of a breeze that it’s ok for sleeping. There’s really just one or two weeks where the heatwave strikes and it’s just too hot to manage, and for those weeks I reasoned we could always just chill in the A/C in the city.

But this is that week.

It might be because at the moment I don’t want to move my head for fear of my brain exploding, but I’m seriously reconsidering this crazy plan to drive for four hours just to slow roast in my own juices. However, there is a fallback option: the Prius is a hatchback with folding seats, making a deck just large enough for a foam mattress. As a hybrid, it will run the air conditioner off the battery, then cycle the engine on as needed to keep the battery charged. Only a few L of gas should be burned overnight to keep the A/C running. Could be fun.

2 Responses to “Heat Wave!”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Idling your Prius overnight might get you mobbed by the other pitchfork-wielding Prius drivers.

  2. Potato Says:

    It’s ok, it’s quiet and it’ll be dark. They won’t find me!