An Open Letter to Jason Segel

July 29th, 2011 by Potato

Dear Jason, I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall some time ago. I liked it, but the part that really made it for me was the vampire puppet musical at the end. So I was really surprised to see a clip explaining that it wasn’t just a scene for the movie, but a whole musical you were earnestly putting together on your own.

You said Judd Apatow told you to never show it to other people, and I am writing to say fuck that guy. There are numerous YouTube clips of you performing that musical number in various venues and people love it. We need to see the whole musical! There are far too few undead puppet musicals these days, it is definitely an under-served market.

So maybe not in Hollywood, but Toronto has played eager host to such off-the-wall musicals as Evil Dead the Musical (front four rows are in the “splatter zone”) and I think your Dracula puppet musical would fit right in in that city. Or go the Dr. Horrible route and just do it once and record it for the internet and DVD sale market. The few songs we’ve heard are actually catchy and fun and I’d love to see the rest.

Please do it!

On another note, I love the look of child-like joy and wonder on Jason Segel’s face when he’s performing with the puppets (and in the muppet movie trailer – “are there muppets in this movie?!”) In fact I even think there would be a market for a one-man show “Jason Segel sits on stage with a look of child-like joy and wonder on his face.” Maybe not a market for expensive tickets, but it wouldn’t be an expensive show, either.

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