Gone For A Walk

March 30th, 2006 by Potato

London is fantastic for the number of parks and trails running through the city, especially those following the river. I’m pretty fortunate since my apartment building backs onto the river; well, it backs onto some forest, which in turn backs onto the river. Either way, it makes for some sweet walking/biking environs, and I’ve not been taking advantage of it nearly enough while I’ve lived here.

So now I’m making an effort to lose some weight and get in shape through the two basic, baby step approaches of:

    1. eating less

    2. exercising more

I’m taking it pretty slow (I just don’t have the willpower to go hungry at the moment, nor the energy to really work out), so with the nice weather I’ve made a point of going out for a walk almost daily. I took a slightly different route today, following the muddy path right along the edge of the water, instead of the nicely maintained paved one that’s set back a bit. On my walk, I ran into Christie, who settled herself into a neat little warren of fallen trees to curl up and read a book. She gave me permission to take a picture of her setup, but judging by the look on her face I think it was just because it was the fastest way she could think of to get me to stop bugging her and let her go back to her book. I won’t say exactly where along the path this keen little spot is, just in case I want to read a book there myself one day :)

A nice spot to read by the Thames March06

4 Responses to “Gone For A Walk”

  1. Potato Says:

    Yes, I have a terrible, terrible camera. (This was actually shot with my picture phone, since I didn’t go out expecting to take any photos).

    When Wayfare saw this, she said she’s actually seen that little reading nook by the river, which got me to thinking: it’s a cliche for people writing personals ads that they like candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach. I think people should start using things like “I have a strange proclivity to read in pecurliar places.”

  2. Netbug Says:

    ok. Number one…


    Eat better. Eat more regularly scheduled. BUT DON’T EAT LESS!

    Most people out of shape think they’re eating too much when they’re eating to little and eating the wrong stuff.

    Number two…

    I’m having trouble finding a good book too read. Now let me quantify “good” as Netbug sees it…

    1. I like action (Matthew Reilly, Michael Chrichton)
    2. I like science (Chrichton)
    3. I am lazy (uhhh… Chrichton again… he explains using little words)
    4. Sci-fi is good. Contemporary fiction with sci-fi elements is better (Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, …Chrichton)

    Anybody got any suggestions?

  3. Potato Says:

    Old Chrichton or new Chrichton? I didn’t mind Timeline, but found it pretty empty at the end. Prey was a bit better, but still nowhere near Jurrasic Park or Sphere. I haven’t read State of Fear, and probably won’t for a few years (until the buzz dies down enough that I can read it without too much negative bias).

  4. Netbug Says:

    Mid Chrichton. JP Chrichton. But I’ve read all of his.