Tater’s Takes: Fresh Start Farm Edition

March 28th, 2012 by Potato

Rather than talk about myself this fortnightly update I figured I’d turn it over to my RL friends who are starting new blogs for the spring. First up is Ben, who’s launching a new business venture in southern Ontario in the form of an organic farm. Here’s Ben with the details:

Fresh Start Farm is a project Lisa and I have put together in order to test the waters when it comes to market gardening and earning a sustainable living farming. We are both huge foodies and we’ve been growing all kinds of things for our own consumption on a small scale over the years. At the same time we have both yearned for more space where we could expand our gardening into full-on farming. We both agree that the farming lifestyle is one that we would love to embrace.

After attending the Guelph Organic Conference last year, we both agreed that it was going to be our goal, over the next 5 years, to transition our current careers from what they are now, to full time farming.

We have rented a piece of land, roughly ¼ acre, in Pelham, a short drive from our house in Welland, while we continue the search for a suitable homestead to purchase.

We have invested a decent amount in seeds, soil amendments, tools and things, although the biggest investment will come in the form of our time throughout the growing season this year. In order to sell the produce we produce, we have rented a booth at the Welland Farmers’ Market, which is a fairly large and well attended market very close to our home and farm.

We have created the website in order to blog about our experience as well as get the word out as to what’s going on, what our problems and successes are, and most importantly, what we will have for sale at the market, once that time of year rolls around!

I’m sure most of your readers are in Toronto, so they would probably never attend the Welland Market, but in the future we may start offering a CSA delivery to the GTA. I still have a strong connection to North York, and I would love to get a booth at that market, if possible. In the interim, I encourage everyone to follow us as we go about doing what we do, offer comments and questions, and see that it is possible to be awesome if you want to be!

And also Lenny has launched a blog where he talks about whatever he feels like (so far, making his own pizza dough and encryption).

As for me, I’ve got my first job interview coming up later in the week. This is for a position I applied for in December, so I guess they’re not in a terrible rush to hire someone (and does give me hope for all the other applications I haven’t heard back on yet — there could yet be good news!). I’d say I’m pretty nervous to face the interview, but Wayfare’s way worse. To be fair, she knows how terrible I am at interviewing and the awful turns interviews can take, whereas I am consumed by the notion that I am generally awesome in all things, so it’ll be fine. ;)

Flag football is coming to an end, and much to my surprise attendance never got better. Who are these people that shell out over $100 to join a football league and only show up for one game? After much discussion and debate I decided not to join any leagues for the spring: as good as team sports are for motivating me to actually get out and exercise, there’s just too much uncertainty with a new job (any. day. now.) and baby on the way (same). Plus many of the spring leagues are on weeknights, and I have zero desire — nay, a full-on hatred of the very thought — of commuting around Toronto rush-hour at 6pm to try to make a game half-way across the city. Others may whine, but I’ll take a 10pm Sunday game every time.

I leave London alone for two months, and it all goes to hell…

Another article at the Globe warning about the housing market. I like the way Tom Bradley phrased this: “When I pull together the economic fundamentals, valuation and sentiment, real estate, as an investment, doesn’t look very attractive. The distribution of potential outcomes looks asymmetrical to me – limited upside and plenty of possible downside. But what really screams out at me is how many important factors are at extremes … bad extremes. One or two off-trend numbers can be explained away, but too many are jumping off the charts – price increases, mortgage rates, loan growth, consumer debt and home ownership levels.”

James Randi on scientists and trust and skepticism.

Nelson tries to find a way to short the Canadian real estate market.

Teacher Man, writing for CFB, says the Canadian real estate bubble can’t be denied any longer.

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  1. wayfare Says:

    :P To be fair, I’m pretty nervous about everything right now.

    If you remember to tell the interviewers how awesome you are in all things and stop being so darn humble IRL you’ll be great.