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May 9th, 2012 by Potato

There is no special significance to seeing the digits roll over and all those zeroes line up on a milestone post like this one, number 1000 here at BbtP. It’s particularly meaningless because the URL doesn’t even have 1000 in it: it’s up there as 1125 — an artifact of having 125 posts/pages that didn’t become part of the post timeline. And the starting point isn’t the starting point of the website, just the point in 2005 when I switched over to WordPress.

But we’re (mostly) humans: we’re not strictly rational, and we do like to take time to reflect.

So woo-hoo, post #1000!

When I first got the idea for this site, I was a sleep-deprived high school student. When a less-awesome and significantly less-popular version than I had in my mind’s eye first launched, I was a sleep-deprived undergrad. When I switched over to WordPress and a more codified blog format (and “blog” became a word), I was a sleep-deprived master’s student. Now look at me: a sleep-deprived dad!

I’ve blogged about whatever happened to be on my mind, with primary focuses shifting over the years from video games to the environment, internet throttling to hybrid cars, and my now most-popular category: personal finance.

I’ve never pretended to have a schedule, so the frequency of blog posts has waxed and waned, anywhere from several long ones in a row as I pounded on the keyboard, to periods of relative quiet (like now — one of the few times I’ve posted less than once a week). I’ve had some good feedback to be sure, which is to be expected with such high-quality readership, but less back-and-forth in the comments than I expected: most posts have zero comments, and over-all I have more posts than comments from people who are not me. I can only assume that it implies that my posts and logic are perfect, since the primary function of comment sections is to point out errors and disagreements.

There’s no telling what the next thousand posts will bring. Likely more stories of my daughter, since that’s new. Maybe I’ll continue to average just one post a week vs. the three per week I was running at for much of the last 6 years. Or maybe having a hellishly long commute will lead to a lot of time to write — though likely with pen & paper or on my blackberry rather than on a computer.

I have no idea what will be coming down life’s road, but odds are good I’ll be writing and ranting about it here, and I hope you follow along with me.

One Response to “Post #1000”

  1. Netbug Says:

    Write more stuff about movies and science fiction books; then my small brain can come up with better arguments than “What’s equity and is it edible?”