Darth Tater and The Wizard Test

April 12th, 2006 by Potato

Not much has been going on for me to talk about, so I will once again commit the blogger’s sin and talk about myself.

In reverse chronological order, and most exciting, Wayfare gave me a present for handing in my thesis: a Darth Tater! It’s so cool, I’ve all ready got a ton of plans for him. For starters, I put him on my bookshelf where he totally intimidates my StarCraft marine and my Heavy Gears (to be fair though, the Gears are in 1:87 and 1:144 scale). Then, I’m going to take him to my defense, and to the conference in Mexico, and take pictures of him in all those places. It’s sort of like the gnome from Amelie, except instead of just visiting all those places, he will be going to subjugate them, and bring them back under the control of the Empire. Maybe he’ll also commit atrocities towards any Jedi Potatoes he finds; I’m not sure about that last one, since it might make crossing international borders difficult.

Earlier, I checked out The Wizard Test by Hilari Bell from the library. It was a pretty good story, I’d recommend it (even though it’s “young adult”). I’d also recommend that you borrow it from your library — it’s only about a 2-hour read, so you won’t get very good money-for-entertainment-timesink value if you buy this one (but you will get fantastic time-for-plot returns!). Wayfare’s been reading a lot of kids/young adult books lately, and she’s right, there is a lot going for them. While they tend to be more simplistic, they can be quite entertaining none-the-less, and the fact that you can finish one in just a day or two of casual reading (on the subway, on your lunchbreak — not like a day or two of summer reading) means you don’t forget details or waste copious amounts of time on the book.

My car window got stuck down on the weekend. The motor’s been really feeble for a long time, and for over a year I’ve had the child safety lock on it to keep just this sort of thing from happening. Unfortunately, I turned it off so someone in the back could roll down their window (which does work fine), and then forgot to put it back on for the front passenger one. It cost me $100 to have it put back up, and they didn’t even manage to get around to fixing the root of the problem, despite keeping me there for over three hours. I’ve got another appointment on Tuesday at 8:30 am to get it fixed, unfortunately I wasn’t thinking clearly and forgot that I’ve got Monday off, so an early appointment on Tuesday is particularly inconvenient. Ah, well. What’s odd is that the guys at Canadian Tire told me that it wasn’t the motor that was stuck, it was the master switch. I find that odd since even when it did go both down and up, it was very, very slow about it. I would have thought that would be a symptom of a sick motor.

My World of WarCraft account is dormant for the time being. I just didn’t have the time to play anymore, and without anyone I know playing it hasn’t been that much fun, either. Unfortunately, I just remembered today that they introduced weather effects in the last patch, and I never thought to log on and check them out. I’ll have to remember to try that on the weekend with someone else’s account. Netbug had a fairly lengthy post on WoW on his blog recently, and I couldn’t think of a single thing to add in a comment — very uncharacteristic.

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