This Train is Out of Service

April 14th, 2013 by Potato

This has been a really weird spring. A week into April, and we still have hail and snow, including just this past Thursday. On that miserable morning, with the cold April wind blowing and the hail falling down, in the middle of rush hour the TTC decided to put a train out of service. At Davisville — one of only two outdoor stations on that line. In the hail.

WTF were they thinking? Unless the train is actually on fire, there is no reason for pulling it in the middle of rush hour halfway down the leg — take an extra 40 minutes to finish the loop and, if for some reason it must be pulled at Davisville, pull it on the northbound leg. Or given the weather, why could they not have limped one more station to the indoor St. Clair? It makes me wonder whether malevolent spirits haunt and possess the TTC, for that is the only explanation.

Then that same day on the way home, the train lost power at York Mills.

Including leap years, assuming my vacation days escalate with the corporate schedule, that there are 11 stat holidays in a year, that I will have on average 9 flex/lieu/sick days per year, and that I retire at 60, there are only 5699 more days to deal with rush hour on the TTC…

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