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April 19th, 2006 by Potato

I had a chance to look at another Star Wars fan movie today. This one is about an hour long, and isn’t totally focused on lightsaber combat (while well-done, their colouring wasn’t very consistent, especially in the outdoor scenes). They don’t say in the movie exactly when or where it takes place, but I believe it takes place before the days of the old republic, when the Sith had legions of lightsaber-wielding goons, and the Jedi were on the verge of extinction (and before they got real picky about that one master one apprentice and no love interests rule). It’s about 60 minutes long, and I thought the acting was actually rather good (the pacing was a bit slow in places, but for Star Wars fanflicks, that’s a bit of a relief, actually).

I give you: Reign of the Fallen.


So what happens is that a city is protected from the Sith army pretty much only by virtue of being in the middle of nowhere and having a giant planetary shield generator. Haunted by dreams that destruction is heading their way, one of the apprentices leaves into the wastelands to try and find a legendary weapon to save their people. The other one, who views himself as the stronger one, is jealous that he has been passed over on the job of leading the people (at this time it looks like the Jedi were more than advisors, as well). So, he falls to the dark side and has a nasty surprise waiting for the other apprentice when he returns.

Now, heed that spoiler warning if this will bother you… so it had some elements of lightsaber fighting that I really wanted to include in the story I was working on for Netbug, namely using more of a flickering blade technique (here it was used to get past a parry where the blades were locked together), and moreover, having a Sith fight a Jedi who was clearly an inferior swordsman, but being defeated by his mastery of the Force. They even included my idea for stopping a swing with the Force instead of parrying it! Neat-o!

Anyhow I hope you enjoy it, too.

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