Value of Simple Updates

March 29th, 2016 by Potato

There are now a few updates for the Value of Simple on the errata page that have accumulated over the last year and a half since release. Now with some screenshots that need to be changed for the new Questrade system, I’ve decided to take those and roll them in to the e-book version, along with a few other very minor tweaks, which should be going live across all platforms as you read this. If you’ve already purchased the book you may be able to download a new version from your vendor of choice, and if not that’s ok — all the information you need is there in the errata. If you purchased directly from me just let me know and I’ll re-activate your download link within the store software and you can get the new version (but again, this is minor stuff — no need to re-read it if you’ve already put it away).

Updating the print edition is a bit trickier, in part because I really have to increase the price at the same time — the crash in the Canadian dollar does not play well with printing costs in USD (at this point the book is just a hair over break-even). Also because versioning is a bit more rigid in print: a second edition gets a new ISBN to track it, though there is some grey area around what constitutes a second edition. Minor corrections can be made without a new ISBN as part of a second printing without updating all that metadata. I really don’t want to release a 2nd edition over a few minor corrections, but I don’t want to let the e-book version get ahead of the print (even if everyone up until today had to get these changes through the errata page). Finally, updating print is trickier because (even with print-on-demand technology) there’s inventory. So even if I uploaded new files tonight, it may take a while for a new print run to hit the shelves. For now I have not pushed through an update to the print edition, but likely will soon (I just need more free time to make it happen).

So that is to say: if you want the print version, grab it while you can still get it for under $17 (based on the change in the exchange rate, the CAD price on a new print run will need to go up to near $20). As always, the e-book is natively priced in CAD.

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