May 22nd, 2006 by Potato

Well, I’ve seen lawns toilet papered before, but this is ridiculous:
Old toilets on the lawn after one day of upgrades

My building recently upgraded the toilets, and that was the pile made after a single day of renovations (I think it took them 5 days total). I thought they were going to continue to pile on toilets in some kind of monument to the porcelain gods, but on the second day they brought in dumpsters instead.

I don’t particularly care for the new toilets: they work well enough, but the flush lever is way around on the side and halfway down, almost as though they were trying to hide it from you in the dark. They were also installed a few inches from the wall, and have a slightly convex top, so it’s rather difficult to use the toilet tank as a makeshift shelf (our old toilets had a flat lid with a raised lip and were flush with the wall, perfect for battery-powered nightlights, kleenex boxes, and whatever else might need to be put there). Of course, what I’m most concerned about is that my landlords will use this as an excuse to jack my rents in January. Considering they did this as a cost-saving measure (they’re water-saving toilets; new showerheads went in too, and the building pays for the water), it seems like the perfectly sneaky way to screw me later on.

Naturally, I threw the original notice (containing the water-saving motivation) in the garbage as part of my crazy post-thesis apartment clean-up. My place still has a little ways to go yet, but I’ve cleaned up so much it’s almost unbelievable. After snaking my way through piles of paper on the ground, I seem to suddenly have this giant expanse of usable floor space that I just don’t know what to do with.

I still don’t know exactly when I’ll have my car back. After I get it back, I’m going to have to clean it. Wayfare made a good point: I should probably just pay someone to clean it, since cleaning up the mess of the person who stole my car would probably be somewhat psychologically devastating. Anybody know of a good place to go? A chain of some sort would probably be best, since I don’t want to leave the mess there for a week until I get back to Toronto…

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