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June 2nd, 2006 by Potato

I know a lot of my readers also check out Nebug & Hayley’s blog. Unfortunately, it appears as though Blacksun has deleted their database. Netbug is still waiting on specifics, but it looks like for now at least their sites will be down for a while. If anyone has either of those sites still in their cache, particularly Netbug’s Australia diary, the static bodybuilding pages, or anything of Hayley’s, please try to save as much as you can and forward it to me or him, just in case Blacksun doesn’t pull a backup out of their butts (they should, but who knows…).

I guess it falls to me then to entertain you all in the meantime. Pity, since I haven’t felt very creative for the last little while. You see, after my thesis was done I was hoping to catch up on a lot of stuff I had been putting off: vacuuming, fixing my bike, eating anything with a vitamin in it, and of course, writing. Netbug’s been wanting a short story and/or screenplay to use as a basis for his movie, and I also wanted to start entering some short story competitions… but I just haven’t had anything come out. It’s not the same sort of writer’s block I was facing before, probably because there isn’t as much stress involved as with my thesis, so I’m not feeling the huge amounts of frustration. It is, however, not very good and especially dull for you, loyal readers.

Having nothing substantial to say, I might as well backup my files. DVD-Rs are on sale at Futureshop for the purpose too (32 cents each before tax). It’s finally cheaper to backup to one DVD than to go through a bunch of CDs!

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  1. Netbug Says:

    Thanks for giving the update Potato. Robin’s blog is also down.

    It looks like Blacksun can’t recover the data. I’m pretty annoyed. They’ve been a very very good host to this point and very helpful whenever I call.

    I got a call from the president yesterday evening from his home, He basically appologized as best he could, and acknowledged that it was blacksuns fault. He wants me to contact him for some form of compensation, but I don’t really want compensation, I want the data back.

    I’ll start putting up new blogs today or tomorrow hopefully and rebuilding. Potato was kind enough to burn the RSS feeds to disc so I will have those, however entering them into a database is going to be a pain in the ass.

    Anyways, I’ll try to keep you guys up to date.