Implanted Magnets

June 7th, 2006 by Potato

Here’s an interesting story about implanting magnets beneath the skin to give someone a magnetic sense. It dovetails nicely with what we’ve been talking about at work recently. I’ll just leave you with that for now, and come back to comment on it a little later.

Ooh, another good read. I love the line “What started strictly as a desire to play with some expensive equipment…” so true.

You can find insanity & pseudoscience fairly easily on the internet, but I’m specializing in my particular field of insanity (and even attending a conference next week where I will hold conversations, face to face, in a manner that is at least on the surface cool and rational, with people who are totally batshit fucking loco).

2 Responses to “Implanted Magnets”

  1. Wayfare Says:

    You have to send the link for the foil helmets to all the crazies who seek you out because of your association with BEMS.

  2. Potato Says:

    The implant one sounded about right — an implanted magnet should vibrate under the skin near power lines which you can feel as a buzz. It’s part of how we think biological magnetite might work for magnetoreception: it might simply buzz and then be picked up by mechanosensors. A static field might put a constant strain on it which could be picked up by proprioceptors. But I wonder how people performing illegal surgeries on one another can’t come up with anything better than ice for the procedure. They don’t have any morphine left over from a real procedure? Heck, a trip to their local high school might have got them some heroin. Nonetheless, I was impressed by the simplicity and elegance of their sixth sense.