Conference is Over

June 15th, 2006 by Potato

Well, the conference ended with a whimper. Attendance at the last few talks dropped like crazy, I think the last talk only had a dozen or so people in attendance (to be fair, people had to check out by noon if they were leaving today). The closing ceremonies were short and sweet — and someone from our lab took home the prize for best talk (no, it wasn’t me).

I was walking on the hotel lawn yesterday and came to a little pool where some birds were hanging around. They sort of looked like a cross between ducks and crows: they were all black, but had webbed feet, and a bill that was somewhat beak-like. So I went up to them and said “quackquackquackquack” like I would to a Mallard in London. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to get what I was saying; some sort of breakdown in communications. They returned a confused “wobblewobble”. Perhaps it’s just that they had a thick accent and that made things difficult. Much like the rest of the conference. I’m going to try to brush up on my French for the one two years from now (not going to Japan, not gonna happen), so we’ll see if that helps with at least some of the groups.

Anyhow, with the conference done I don’t have much of a reason for loitering by the meeting rooms where the internet access is, so this will probably be my last chance for a fix until I get back. The server still seems to have some pep left in it, so hopefully it’ll stay up until I can give it the personal attention it needs.

2 Responses to “Conference is Over”

  1. Netbug Says:

    Sounds like you had a real mixed bag. Where there’s a lot to complain about, you seemed to enjoy yourself as you’re planning on going to another (not only that, but host it).

    I’d suggest going to Huntsville or maybe even Dorset. But your point of being near your lab for hands-on demonstration is good.

    Did your talk get a standing ovation in which you were hoisted ont he shoulders of the masses and paraded around the block? I expect nothign less.

    When are you due back?

  2. Potato Says:

    Well, it wouldn’t be me hosting, it would be my lab; there’s somewhat of a rotation of who gets to host, alternating around the pacific rim, Europe, and North America (or both West & East N.A. since San Diego will sneak in before Ontario/Quebec/Maritimes) so the high costs of large travels are passed around year-to-year as some groups get to go more-or-less locally.

    And despite complaining about it, I have to plan on going to another, it’s a requirement of my job :(

    No standing ovation, just the usual polite applause. I’m back now!