Jinxed It

June 27th, 2006 by Potato

I was just talking about how prolific I’ve been with regards to writing: not only for work and all that jazz, but with 10 000 words on BbtP in about 10 days. Almost too much for my poor readers to keep up with (especially the dull travelogue). Now, of course, I’ve jinxed it: it’s been days and I haven’t had a post up. Traffic dropped to record lows on the weekend, and I haven’t made any more progress on my novella or screenplay (too many projects going at once? Hmmm…) ongoing project to piss my free time away into the gaping maw of a black hole. In my defense, I’ve been sick the last two days, and catching up on my sleep.

To conclude, I’ll point you at an interesting link that relates to my last post about electric cars.

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