Practical Index Investing Course is Complete

January 2nd, 2017 by Potato

My online course to guide you through becoming a do-it-yourself investor is now complete. Click here to download the final syllabus.

I want to thank everyone who signed up for the early access period, some of whom signed up over half a year before expected completion on little more than an outline and a promise (and a clever quote from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). I ended up a month late on delivering the completed course, with some entirely reasonable extenuating circumstances. Having those paying customers patiently waiting was hugely motivating, and kept me going even as the work ballooned.

About the Course

The course is your complete guide to all the practicalties involved in becoming a do-it-yourself investor with index funds or ETFs, including:

  • Coming up with a basic plan to guide your investing.
  • Assessing your risk tolerance, and understanding the risk involved in investing.
  • Creating an account and purchasing an investment.
  • Choosing between your TFSA and RRSP.
  • Tracking your gains and reporting your investment income on your taxes.
  • Managing your behaviour and setting up good processes for long-term success.

What Does Complete Mean?

I say the course is complete, but what exactly does that mean? Well, I’ve delivered on all the essential modules in the syllabus, and what I had originally envisioned1. That doesn’t mean that now I’m going to unplug and ignore it. I’m a strong believer in continuous improvement, and will keep tweaking the course to refine the content that’s there, and add material to address questions as they come up. The course platform has a discussion section, which will help identify areas that people may be having trouble with. I also plan on running a few webinars through the year — a feature other courses charge extra for — in case people want more chances for discussion and Q&A.

1. Note that a few minor changes were made to the structure since the original outline, in particular much more information in the middle sections, and I realized that there was a lot of overlap between sections 5 and 9, so those were streamlined.

2 Responses to “Practical Index Investing Course is Complete”

  1. Netbug Says:

    Nice work! I know this was a big load for you. Looking forward to getting off my ass and going through it. :)

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