Quiet Weekend

July 9th, 2006 by Potato

Breyer’s ice cream is one of my favourite brands. It is, in my experience, the creamiest brand of ice cream you can buy to take home. There are slightly better tasting ones, but they tend to be much more expensive, and there are slightly softer ones, but despite being softer they aren’t as tasty or creamy. Note that this only applies to the Breyer’s in the blue packaging (the “classic” ice cream). They also have Breyer’s in a black package (which I believe is all-natural or somesuch) that is cheaper and not nearly as good. What’s interesting is that while it ususally costs about $4.50-$5.00, it often goes on sale for less than $2, which is a really decent discount: less than a small cone at an ice cream parlour. So, it’s on sale now and I picked up some. The problem with ice cream, particularly good ice cream sold in 2 L containers, is over-indulgance. Particularly since I just know that if I leave it too long, it’ll get all nasty and freezer-burned and it’ll just go to waste. So the huge sale really helps in just not feeling guilty about eating part of it and letting the rest sit in the freezer until some future chocolate emergency (or fridge cleaning day). Of course, that raises another problem: that Wayfare might find it and eat it all since freezer-burned or not, she figures ice cream is ice cream.

Dominion is also having a sale on “bulk” Glossette Chocolate Covered Peanuts (I put bulk in quotation marks because they’re actually packaged treat-sized packs, rather than completely loose peanuts). The sale is even better because none of the cashiers seem to know how to ring them up. Unlike regular bulk candy, which is sold by weight, these Halloween packs are sold by count: 10 for a dollar. However, the cashiers just enter the bulk tag code and it rings up as just one pack (for 10 cents). This is a bit of a scam, yes, but my conscience is clear: I only bought a few, I bought lots of other groceries, and most importantly, I tried to correct them twice before just giving up and letting them sell them to me cheap. First, the guy rang it up as a single unit (for 10 cents). I told him that was wrong and they were sold by count rather than weight (and that I had 30). He looked at me, then cancelled the charge and rang it up again, and it came out to… 10 cents. I stopped him and told him again that no, I had 30 of them, so he looked at the screen for a really long time, then went and entered the code two more times so that it came up to 30 cents. I thought about correcting him again (to bring it to $3), but then I was afraid he’d never figure out how to do it right and just enter it in individually 30 times and my ice cream would melt.

So today’s been a really quiet day. I’m back in Toronto to see my family and friends, but no one is around today. My parents are at the cottage, my brother left the house before I got up this morning (as usual, I use the term “morning” rather loosely) and, at nearly 4 am now, still hasn’t come back from wherever he went to. I’m pretty much just eating ice cream and taking a little break to feel sorry for myself. It’s not good for my diet, although I did buy cones — small cones — to make the servings smaller, and add some cone filler (the cones can’t be worse than the ice cream, can they?). And in all truthfulness, I’m not even a quarter of the way through the carton, so that can’t be too bad. Otherwise, my diet hasn’t been going so great. I have managed to maintain some measure of willpower and cut back a bit, but it’s obviously not enough since I haven’t lost any more weight after the few pounds I dropped in Cancun.

Netbug’s barbeque was mostly over by the time I got there, but it was still pretty fun, and gave us the wonderful quote “What now, Mat Leave?” :) I got to watch Other Ryan talk about his art for a bit, and it’s clear that he is a pretty talented guy, and that I should give storyboarding more respect. He does, however, need to learn a few synonyms for “pop” ;)

It was also interesting because there were people there who I don’t really know (or know a little, mostly from WoW) who claim they read my little site here. It’s flattering, for sure, and also a little weird. Until Baum mentioned Sarah’s site, and we talked about how we both read it because she’s a very entertaining writer even though neither of us have met her, or know much about law school. I hope this site is as entertaining for the people who come by who don’t, you know, find that I’ve surreptitiously put the address in their bookmarks after visiting their house and thus have to read it out of duty or pity.

Anyhow, I hope Netbug puts up a summary of the barbeque on his site since I missed so much of it (especially after putting up so many posts trying to sort out the timing). I’m going to try to see that pirate movie tomorrow, and I hope I don’t talk like a pirate for too long afterwards, because that can be a bit embarassing.

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  1. Sarah Says:

    My Internet ears are burning.

    And there’s nothing wrong with talking like a pirate. You should embrace it.