Out of the Car, Do It Now!

July 23rd, 2006 by Potato

So, I was taking some much needed time off last night and doing a bit of gaming. Wayfare came in to my room complaining that her air conditioning was making too much noise to sleep and wanted my bed, so I went out to the kitchen to play Civ4 on my laptop.

The game went well, I won a time victory (I keep thinking that as soon as I get modern armour, I’ll just roll over their regular tanks, but conquest just doesn’t go that much faster…). I left my laptop running when I went to bed…

And when Wayfare got up in the morning, the exhaust from my laptop melted the candle on the kitchen table! Wow!

I also tried the Evil Genius demo. I downloaded it over a year ago and just haven’t found the time to try it out. It was pretty cool, in the same vein as Dungeon Keeper, except without the goobering demons. I sensed something was missing in terms of ways to move my minions around — I recall dungeon keeper had a way of slapping them to a specific spot or planting totems to attract them or something, whereas here they were all milling about the back without guarding the front door. It was also really annoying to have to individually tag each agent of good for destruction; I would have figured a game largely built around not having direct control over your minions would also intelligently target intruders for death or capture. However, the animations were cute, and it’s a fairly unique type of game, so I think I’m going to get it next weekend ($20 US for a direct download isn’t too bad).

Finally, a picture I promised to post last weekend but didn’t get around to (apologies, as always, for my crappy camera phone):

“Out of the car! Do it now!”
Arrest on July 14 2006, guns drawn

Yeah, this was last weekend. I was stopped at a red light about 5 cars back on that giant hill at Don Mills & Finch, just sort of spacing out waiting for the light to change. Next thing I know, there’s a cop car with its lights on screaming up the hill behind me, then cuts in front of me, through a space in the right lane, and blocks in a car two ahead of me. At the same time, to other cars come rushing in from around the corner on Don Mills to block the car in from the front. Before the cars are even fully stopped, the cops are leaping out with their guns drawn yelling for the driver to get out of the car. He comes right out with his hands up, and they turn him around for a quick pat-down and cuffing. Before the light cycles again, they’ve got him in their car and a tow truck is hooking up to his car, while traffic starts moving in the left lane again… Pretty intense!

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