Twice?! FUCK!!

August 9th, 2006 by Potato

My car’s been stolen again! The police haven’t recovered it yet, and I’m waiting for them to call back to make a full report… but the MO is exactly the same: another stolen car was dumped in front of my place, and mine was stolen. I hope the fuckers actually investigate it this time (or better yet, catch the bastard before he dumps it).

This time my poker set wasn’t in it, but my beloved frisbee was, as well as some pop that was too heavy to carry up on Monday night. At least there’s no salt to dump.

I briefly thought about GPS locators and flame throwers and all that jazz after the last time, but now I’m considering it more seriously. Heck, even something low-tech along the lines of a photo-ID bumper sticker. A picture of me saying “Hi, I’m [Potato], and this is my Honda. If you see anyone else driving this car, call the police.” It might get my car keyed a bit more once people know it’s mine (after I start teaching, that is), but it might be worth it.

My landlord scolded me for not getting a Club, and it was really dumb, too. I actually went to Canadian Tire to pick one up, and the Canadian Tire by my place had closed down and moved out without notice. I completely forgot to try again at another store. Man do I feel dumb.

2 Responses to “Twice?! FUCK!!”

  1. Ben Says:

    Goddamn! That’s ridiculous man! I say screw the Club, just go straight for the flame throwers!! I hope they find it soon!

  2. Potato Says:

    It seems to be a theme around here that businesses just close without notice or inventory clearout sales — the Mac’s convenience store here, which I swear was open on Monday night when I drove in — is completely empty and being renovated for a new, differently-branded convenience store coming in September. Someone at work tells me that a Home Depot did the same thing a few weeks ago…