August 15th, 2006 by Potato

Things have been pretty quiet out here on PEI, as I would have hoped. I’ve spent a lot of time visiting family and dealing with the slow dial-up connection, and the end of the trip is already looking pretty close…

We went to my aunt’s house for dinner on Saturday, and the directions we got were pretty funny. “Drive past the blue goose [a restaurant], then up a hill. Look for a beige house with newish siding, then turn left. There should be a sign with a seagull on it.” We were laughing in the car thinking there was no way directions like that would properly lead us to a place I’ve only been once or twice before, 20 minutes away… but sure enough we got there no problem, and had to laugh more: those were perfectly adequate directions for PEI!

While there, a big storm rolled up and knocked the power out for a few hours (the power goes out at least once every trip). Right before the lightning hit, we saw a waterspout forming out on the straight. It never got much taller than in the pictures (so the water never joined the clouds), but this one was pretty wide! It’s hard to get an idea of scale from the pictures, but I’d have to guess it was about 300 m across.

A stable but not fully formed waterspout, Aug 12, PEI

Waterspout on PEI, zoomed out for perspective

We also saw a bald eagle, picture below to come later (probably). My uncle’s camera rocks, by the way.

A brief shot of a bald eagle flying away, PEI, Aug 06

Still no word on my car, which unfortunately means it’s probably gone for good. I’ll see how life is around London without a car for a few weeks while I look for a new(ish) one. In the meantime, I’ll just have to continue to lob curses and obscenities at the thief, and hope that they get bilateral kidney stones before they can steal another.

PS: is anyone planning on driving from Toronto -> London or points beyond (Windsor?) this weekend? My cat’s being taken care of in Toronto while I’m on vacation, and she can stay there a bit longer if she has to, but I’d prefer to have her back in London with me…

One Response to “Waterspout”

  1. Netbug Says:

    Cool picture.

    It’s too big though. Check IE for reasons. :P

    I’m consued though, are you in PEI, or London? You said you want your cat with you in london, yet speak of islands. I R TEH CONFUSED!