PEI Trip

August 21st, 2006 by Potato

On the radio we heard an announcement that someone had lost their dog. Listeners were urged to call in with any news, and that they would be put in touch with the dog’s owners…

PEI is just that quaint :)

At a gas station/convenience store in Hampton (“Me & The Missus”) I got an ice cream cone with 3 very large scoops of very good ADL-brand ice cream for $3. There was so much ice cream on my cone that the cone actually snapped off, and my ice cream went on the ground. I always recommend ice cream on PEI if you’re going to visit, as there are a number of different places with their own home-made recipes. Cows has grown up to be quite the phenomenon out there, and their ice cream is pretty good; second only, perhaps, to the wonderful smell of freshly-made waffle cones when you walk in (especially if you’re walking in from the stench of the North River). Though they’re probably more famous for their T-shirts these days. The last time I got ice cream in Ontario, I think a half-scoop kiddie cone went for $3 (I couldn’t say exactly, since I got an $8 bannana split).

Of course, most other things are more expensive out there. Gas, for example, was almost 20 cents/litre cheaper back here. They have regulated gas prices now, so you never have to worry about the price being jacked up on you out of nowhere: there’s usually 24-hours notice of any price change. It also means that there are no differences in pricing between stations. I’ve noticed a lot of stations have closed since the last time I was out there, and I have to wonder how much of their business might have depended on getting into price wars with local stations (or, on screwing people by jacking the prices up at random). Of course, it could be because gas has gotten so much more expensive, and I saw a lot fewer cars in general, and an especially marked decline in the number of pickup trucks and SUVs: people seem to be content with their compacts. This, of course, from a province that can get several feet of snow in a single night in the winter and actually features a fair bit of dirt road and off-road driving in every day life. I wonder what they know that Ontarians don’t…

Speaking of cars, the police have found mine finally. I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet, but it sounds like the same thing as last time: ignition damage, door lock damage, and to salt the wounds, $250 for towing & impound.

2 Responses to “PEI Trip”

  1. Ben Says:

    $250 for towing and impound is BS considering you’d think it would be towed by a police tow-truck to a police impound lot, all of which is already paid for by our tax dollars! Unless the punks left it in a no parking zone and some industrious tow-truck driver found it and hauled it off to hold for ransom in his impound lot…

  2. Potato Says:

    It was towed at the police’s request, but it’s done by a private contractor (Ross’ towing). Part of the problem is that the impound lot practically isn’t even in London, they towed it to their lot south of the 401! (about a 20-minute drive from where it was found).