Never Weight — 3rd Quarter Update

October 9th, 2017 by Potato

In the 2nd quarter update I said that things were bad, I wasn’t blogging much, etc. Well September was so much worse, with quite a few all-nighters near the end of the month for a major grant, and I ended the third quarter up 12 pounds — putting me over the “never” point that started this whole goal.

That’s just bad, no sugar-coating that (mmm… sugar-coating).

On the bright side, the crazy busy period is just about over: I’ve got the long weekend here to finish up the changes to the book to get the 2nd edition out the door, and then things should be relatively quiet for the rest of the year [engages in all the superstitious rituals].

Considering my very modest progress before, just getting back to normal isn’t enough — I have to step things up. One thing that was working earlier in the year was to actually track everything that went into my junk-food hole (and I never should have stopped that). A commitment mechanism is another good way to go, but I’m not quite sure what to commit to yet: I could donate money to a cause I’m against, or let Netbug do my meal planning. What I think might be fitting would be to cut the price on stuff I sell: the course and e-book. I’ve created an exponential scheme for the course price to be cut and a linear one for the ebook depending on how badly I fail come the end of the year.

3 Responses to “Never Weight — 3rd Quarter Update”

  1. Netbug Says:

    I’m here if you need me.

  2. Nadya Says:

    feel for u :(
    a lack of sleep is the worst enemy when it comes to fighting food monsters :(

    I wonder if you tried to do mild sports? 5-10 min stretching or light jogging? Nothing puts my mind away from ice cream as jogging…

  3. Potato Says:

    Netbug: There, with your horrifying lack of pizza to scare me straight.

    Thanks :)

    Nadya: thanks. As for exercise, in September I did not. For part of the summer I was really good about doing a little 10-minute routine, and used my daughter as a commitment mechanism (she made me a special badge whenever I went three weeks in a row exercising every day). But I hurt my back at the end of August and could barely move for much of September (the crazy workload didn’t help). However, I did get out on the bike two days this weekend and so far the weather’s looking good today for another short trip, and the curling season starts next weekend!

    Adult team sports are tough to schedule around a kid and commuting and all the other life factors in this city… but it really works well for me because I hate to miss a game and let down a team. It’s something I should try to do more of to force myself to keep active.