Adrienne Clarkson and Jumping the Shark

October 18th, 2006 by Potato

I was just reading an article the other night about how random celebrity walk-ons usually signal the impending doom of a TV show, particularly when said celebrities aren’t even guest characters, but merely faces in the background, or themselves. Usually, I agree with that point of view: when you get down to throwing random people into scenes just to try to maintain interest, you’ve probably jumped the shark.

Corner Gas however, seems to be an exception to that, since it’s had random, self-conscious inserts of Canadians pretty much all along. Not an hour after I read that article, Adrienne Clarkson popped on the show to help tear down a barn. After all, what self-respecting Canadian wouldn’t want to help wreck a barn? Anyhow, it just really worked for me, in a way celebrity cameos never really have before. I laughed and laughed, and had just barely stopped laughing by the time they cut back to the former Governor General with a sledgehammer in hand…

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