November 10th, 2006 by Potato

The cost of postage in Canada seems to be going up really quickly: it’s at 51 cents now (as far as I know), but I still have quite a few 49 and 50 cent stamps. I got some penny stamps a while ago to make up the difference and use up my old ones, but I kinda wondered if they would work if I used them as-is. I think they would: after all, that was the cost of postage when they got the money from me, but I couldn’t be sure of that. I know that right after the price hike, I sucessfully got a letter from my mom with just 50 cents on it. In the office today, someone else had the same question: “think they’ll deliver this even though it’s a penny short?” “Heck,” I said “tape a penny on the front and see what happens.”

Turns out I’m not the first one to think of this.

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