Back up!

November 29th, 2006 by Potato

Well, it took a few days to unpack the router and everything, but we’re back up here.

The move was absolutely crazy, and we still have more to do! After that last entry, I ended up staying up until about 6 am doing “last minute” packing, and even then we’ve had to make a half dozen trips back to the apartment (to clean, paint, and take things like food, toiletries, clothes, etc.).

The election here was somewhat close, but my preferred candidate ended up coming in second (stupid Liberal stronghold!). Nonetheless, it’s seen as a victory as it’s the first time the Green party has beat out both the Conservatives and NDP. It was interesting to see the voting pattern displayed when strategic (or as some say, tactical) voting isn’t a factor (for most, that is — I’m sure many people still voted Liberal to keep the Conservatives out rather than because that was the candidate they liked the most).

Anyhow, I’ll probably post in more detail later, but for now I’ve got to put some stuff away in the kitchen and hit the sack!

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