Japan Trip

December 13th, 2006 by Potato

I’m really not looking forward to this Japan trip. The closer it gets, the more terrible it sounds. I really hope I can get out of this nonsense.

I just read the instructions, and this year there’s a fee to submit an abstract (to dissuade those who submit abstracts for their CVs without defending them at the conference), and it’s almost certainly going to involve having to pay it myself and then wait months for reimbursement. But more annoying are the travel arrangements. From the sounds of things, Kanazawa doesn’t have an international airport, so all of our options involve bus or train rides from other airports from 1 to 4.5 hours away… and even then it’s another 20 minute bus/cab ride from the city centre to where the conference will be. With this many links in a strange country that uses devil runes as a form of written communication, someone (probably me) is sure to get lost.

So, the big question is: how do I say no way to this trip?

2 Responses to “Japan Trip”

  1. Rez Says:

    I envy you. I’m trying to save up some cash to go back to Japan in the spring, and here you have an opportunity to go for free (I assume your travel costs are reimbursed). Here’s an idea, I’ll forge some fake ID so that I can go as you. What do you say?

  2. Potato Says:

    Nearly-free, and rooming with 3 or 4 other people (who snore!) in a room made for 2 (by Japanese standards at that!). I know I’m not a person who actually cares about going out and travelling, but these conferences are also a huge pain because you’re stuck on a plane (or in an airport, or otherwise stuck travelling) for so long just to get somewhere and work for eleven hours a day, then go back home, exhausted, and have to try to catch up with the real work you were doing. Work doesn’t pay to stay late and tour the city, and there’s no time in-between to explore (you’re lucky if you can range far enough to find a new place to eat every night).

    I’m all for sending someone in my place.