Home For The Holidays

December 15th, 2006 by Potato

So I got home tonight in advance of my dentist appointment in the morning (stupid broken tooth) and find a brand new Sony Bravia HDTV in the living room. It was quite a surprise since, as far as I knew, my parents weren’t in the market for a new TV. Typically, they would have consulted me on something like that (and most likely, would have waited until I was home to connect the wires for them). It’s not as though anyone would have actually bought them a TV as a gift, but it just goes to show how very difficult my parents are to buy for around the holidays. Here we are, not 10 days from Christmas, and they run off to make an impulse buy like that. They do that for everything: ask them what they want, and they can’t think of a thing. If they do think of something, they’ll just go out and buy it then and there…

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