What The Feck?

March 15th, 2007 by Potato

I’ve had my computers set for the longest time to notify me of any Windoze Updates, but not to download or install them until I give the okay. Today I had two computers mysteriously reset on me when I was away at seminars, and I couldn’t figure it out. I think I know now: Windoze just popped up with that annoying “resetting in 4 minutes…” countdown after it does an automatic update….

What the hell?! I hate that “feature” that resets your computer no matter what you’re in the middle of after an automatic update (or worse yet, automatically resets it after 4 minutes if you step away, no matter what unsaved work you may have open). But more importantly, how in the hell did automatic updates get turned back on on my computers? And how is it that there’s an update that requires a reset now when I saw a news story that said MS was skipping Patch Tuesday for March?? I’m a little bit afraid now: has a trojan/virus finally managed to masquerade as Windoze Update and distribute itself to everyone at the operating system level? Did the patch from last month override my Windoze Update settings without telling me, and now it’s grabbing the patches I specifically ignored before?

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