Computer Thefts

May 2nd, 2007 by Potato

So there were some break-ins at work two days ago, and a few computer systems were stolen. The offices were locked, and security had the building locked down to just one (watched) entrance (as they usually do on the weekends/evenings), but the locks were simple handle locks that weren’t installed properly, so one could get in with a credit card. Then, with incredible audacity, the thieves came back last night with a crowbar and tried to get into some of the more secure labs and offices, making off with more equipment.

Today was spent trying to lock the place down a bit more. We’ve been looking into some sort of network security alert, such as having our PCs ping the server every 10 minutes, and sending out an email when they don’t report in, but I don’t know how much progress the network guys are making on that. My supervisor had us running around writing down serial numbers and service tags, and making sure all our data was encrypted for a chunk of the day. He thinks that if there is a theft, we won’t be able to get new computers unless we have the serial numbers handy. I’m pretty sure he’s wrong on that — yes, it is handy to have them for the long odds of retrieving them, but the insurance should pay out without them, especially since we have all the purchase orders on file.

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