Difficult Light Fixture

June 22nd, 2007 by Potato

As was reported previously, my house has been a victim of creative contracting work in the past. I’m faced with that issue again today as I try to replace a halogen potlight in the kitchen. The bulb itself is pretty standard — the only type of halogen the grocery store carried. Changing it out and getting light was no problem. However, now I find that I’m stuck with the bulb hanging by the wires out of the fixture, completely unable to get the faceplate assembly back in the ceiling. The assembly looks like it should be supported by three hooks, arranged equilaterally around the circumference. The part of the fixture in the ceiling, on the other hand, has two slots in it. I tried just getting one hook in one slot, but not only does the light hang down that way, it hangs down crooked. So I honestly have no idea how this light was up there to begin with. I’m tempted to try to take out the matching light, to see how it’s held up, but I’m so dearly afraid that it will simply be held up by pixie dust and wishful thinking, and that it will never go back in again, and I’ll be stuck having to replace two potlights (or waiting months for my landlord to do it).

The light assembly

The light fixture

2 Responses to “Difficult Light Fixture”

  1. Potato Says:

    Ha! Score one for pixie dust and wishful thinking! I tried it again for the hundredth time, and with a bit of a twist it caught on something and is holding up there. Note that it’s not properly installed, and probably never was (one side is hanging a bit lower than the other, but that’s the case for the untouched twin, as well).

  2. alo Says:

    u are a aloo (potato in hindi)

    but i say to u

    thank u

    i wuz getting the ijli bijliis (bijili = electricity in hindi)