Transformers Review

July 10th, 2007 by Potato

Snarky letter-formatted post aside, I did enjoy Transformers. It was quite a bit different from “Canon”, but is, in its own way, a decent movie.

I did almost puke.

The GM sponsorship was pretty obvious, and I pointed it out to Wayfare:
“They made a deal with GM.”
“Makes sense. Think of how many kids of our generation wanted a Delorian after Back to the Future.”
“I still want a Delorian.”
“Exactly! If they still made them, they’d be the only thing on the road!”

Spoilers follow (skip to the previous post, which is below this one in the default view, which is pretty spoiler-free)
Some nits:

  • I didn’t like how spastic some of the transforming was, especially Soundwave. Too many random spikes and spinning bits, and too much of the vehicle form went away in robot form (this was mostly just for the decepticons; Optimus was closer to how he should have been, as was Bumblebee in some of the shots).
  • Soundwave really didn’t need the “O” face for the computer hack. Or the humping. Less robot humping = better world for all.
  • The classic “transforming noise” only made one appearance that I noticed :(
  • I don’t know why so many of the soldiers and S7 guys loaded up on SABOT rounds as Megatron was waking up, just to run away with them. Where were the S7 guys who stayed behind to shoot Megatron?
  • I do think the “energy crisis” plotline would have been a better movie return for the franchise. The “all spark” worked as far as it need to, for giving both sides something to chase, but not much beyond that.
  • Ratchet was called to help somebody, but aside from a quick laser shot at Bumblebee’s voice, never actually healed anyone.
  • The Transformers came to earth as metal meteors? What happened to ships and controlled landings?
  • Soldiers from the front line, even if they are Rangers, don’t generally get to play with the alien technology they captured on the plane ride back.
  • The flow of time was a little strange, especially with the Scorponok battle. The soldiers were pinned down and hanging on for every last second, and had to wait two minutes for a Predator drone to survey the situation… then after that, attack aircraft went from on the ground to attacking in what seemed like a few seconds. From the way the battle was going, it didn’t look like they’d last a few minutes for air support to arrive…
  • I was really glad they got the same voice for Optimus Prime, and was a little surprised to see the return of the sword/axe for Optimus and the ball & chain for Megatron: weaponry that I don’t think we saw in more than one or two episodes of the cartoon.

    PS: IMDB has the stereo decepticon down as Frenzy rather than Soundwave. The old memory’s foggy, but I thought Frenzy was a cassette for Soundwave…

    PPS: If you’re playing MOO2 and are trying to find the distance between two stars, the key you’re looking for is F9.

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