August, therefore, Halloween

August 12th, 2007 by Potato

Wow, so suddenly it’s August.

The summer, like many before it, feels different in August. I don’t know whether I just get used to the heat, or if the weather really does change along with all the subtle changes in the plant life, but it feels practically like a different season than June and July. The days are usually hot and baking, but not often as swealtering or deadly as those early summer heat waves. I’m usually driven indoors from the heat and solar radiation for most of the summer, and it’s right around this time of year that I start feeling like going outside and sweating again.

And of course with August comes the knowledge that Halloween is coming up. And this year is going to be a good year, I can just feel it. Yes, Halloween will fall on a Wednesday this year, which usually doesn’t go well. The weekend before often suffers because people can’t quite get in the spirit since it’s just a bit too soon, and people still have work the next day on the day of, and even though it’s only two days later, there’s never anything fun happening in the first weekend of November (of course, Thursday Halloweens suffer the most from this). But this year should be good. I mean, I’ve got a house, with a porch, and hardwood (hopefully) fog-juice-resistance flooring! I’ve got Wayfare and her 8 boxes of Halloween miscellany. It’s going to be on, so book that week off work, buy your plane/train tickets (if needed), and plan to be in London!

…There’s just one problem: I don’t have a bloody clue what my costume is going to be. I mean, half the time I leave the actual costume making/acquision until the very last minute, but usually I at least have a clue by the time late August rolls around (after all, if it’s necessary to knit 2100 linear feet of galvanized steel together, then one wants to get an early start on that sort of thing). Any suggestions?

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