28-Hour Day

June 22nd, 2010 by Potato

Back when I had summers off and didn’t care about what time I went to bed or woke up, this used to happen to me quite by accident, my body just seems geared to run on a longer day… though I didn’t have it quite figured out to mesh up to a regular week rotation, it was more of a sleep-14-hours-stay-awake-16-hours-and-see-where-we-end-up sort of thing. I think the only time I ever saw the sunrise in the summer was when I stayed up late for it.

Of course, part of it is that, for computer nerds at least, a 24-hour day doesn’t seem long enough. We’re eternally drifting westward.

In particular lately, I have a number of late night experiments & analysis which is playing havoc with my sleep schedule. I keep drifting onto a longer day, moving my sleep time back by a few hours each day, until I get hit by a meeting and have to painfully reset.

It’s much easier to extend the subjective day than it is to snap back!

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