Mandatory Winter Tires

December 20th, 2007 by Potato

Despite numerous articles touting the benefits of winter tires, I’ve never really bothered. That’s largely been because I’ve never had to drive, so I could wait for the roads to be plowed/salted before heading out on my all-seasons. No one in my immediate family usually bothered either (except my dad, who for a while had performance summer tires on his car, rather than all seasons, which really necessitated a winter set as well). Getting the Nokian WRs this year though, I’ve noticed a difference (they are severe-service rated all-seasons), and there are even better winter tires than those out there. However, now winter tires will be mandatory in Quebec. I doubt this measure will follow through in Ontario though: there are too many people in Toronto who just don’t have the space to store a second set of tires who would complain.

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