Percussive Maintenance

March 8th, 2008 by Potato

While I don’t usually like to hit things just to try to shake them up into working, I’ve found percussive maintenance to be particularly handy of late. Both my computers at work and at home have some fans that are getting buzzy and annoying, particularly at start up. A couple of quick bangs on the case and they seem to settle back onto their bearings and quiet down. And the security light, which has given us no end of grief, has gone on the fritz and is now only turning on a few nights a month seemingly at random. I gave the light detector box a good bang after sliding my way through the icy parking lot in the dark tonight, and what do you know: the light comes on.

In other news, someone tried to hack the blog here today. Thankfully, they were unsuccessful (through no effort of my own), though I have no idea why someone would want to bother with a little old site like mine.

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