Rogers SMTP Email Server Changes

March 20th, 2008 by Potato

FYI for all the Rogers users out there: I just got a message that they are going to lock down the SMTP servers even further. In addition to needing to log on, you are now going to have to register every outgoing address you use (and you have to do that through the web-based email — hope you remember that password!). If you (like me) generally just use your account to have access to send outgoing mail for your variety of POP/IMAP accounts (and thanks to work and school, I have 6) then you’ll have to get this set up to continue doing that. Once in the webmail interface, go to options, and then mail accounts.

Oddly enough (or completely true-to-form for Rogers, depending on your point of view), I only got the notification sent to my London Rogers account — nothing at my parents’.

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