End of the Curling Season

March 20th, 2008 by Potato

Well, tonight was my last “regular season” curling game. Playoffs next week, and then that’s it for the season!

It was a bit of a strange year. On the one hand, curling was a lot more relaxing since I dropped out of the competitive league — the relaxation came more from only having to keep track of two leagues whose schedule was at least correlated than from playing in less-competitive leagues. I also stuck with the same position (vice) in both leagues I was in so I wasn’t constantly confused about when it was my turn and where I was supposed to be on the sheet. On the other hand, I was also thinking I’d be a good (as in talented) curler this year and try to get into some competitive spiels, in addition to trying out for varsity. I didn’t make the varsity team, and I didn’t play in any spiels at all — competitive or otherwise. Moreover, I played really poorly even by the standards of the recreational leagues I’m in, so I’m rather disappointed in myself. Tonight, for example, was one of my better games this year, and it featured making one shot, then being asked by my skip to repeat the feat… and throwing a full 12′ too heavy. Then missing two wide open takeouts the next end… (though I did make both my shots in the end following that one, which is part of what made it one of my better games).

Anyway, hopefully next year I’ll get my act together and start living up to my true curling potential :)

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