Dan In Real Life

April 4th, 2008 by Potato

We just watched the Steve Carell movie “Dan in Real Life“. I had to make Wayfare watch it since even though I had it, she didn’t want to waste the time to watch it since it looked so bad from the previews. I don’t know who put the previews together, but the movie is nothing like they suggested. It’s actually quite well written, and very heartfelt and warm and fuzzy and sweet. They did a very good job of showing a family interacting together in a big get-together and building up the “love at first sight” relationship with the main character. Moreover, Steve Carell didn’t suck. I don’t typically like him as an actor since in so many roles he comes off a such a complete dufus that you have to wonder if he’s from outer space (though oddly enough I end up really liking what he’s in: the office is funny, despite his over-the-top stupid manager; the 40 year old virgin relied on him being a bit of a freak, and had a good supporting cast, in addition to hitting a little too close to home to not like it), but in Dan In Real Life he actually came across as likeable, normal guy. In fact, I nearly lost it in the talent show scene (damn you Wayfare, I know you’re pumping me full of estrogen while I sleep and it’s fucking with my emotions! I don’t usually get emotionally involved in movies!!) where he’s all opening up for the first time after his wife died and torn between singing backup for his brother and singing directly to the girl he likes…

While I liked it as a romantic comedy that was very down to earth, Wayfare seemed particularly drawn to the huge happy family getaway fantasy. “Oh, I want that!” she’d exclaim as they got together for charades, or played football on the lawn. So of course now that means that if we know you in real life, you’re going to get sucked into charades, football, pancakes, and possibly a talent show sometime in the near future. Possibly on PEI, since that seems to be the sort of magical place where this sort of thing could actually happen.

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