Ants! (Again!)

July 7th, 2008 by Potato

We made it all the way until July, so I thought we had kicked that ant problem. Unfortunately, not quite. Last year, as you’ll recall, we had a pretty nasty trickle of giant, fast, nasty black ants invade seeking out the sweet stuff: primarily my coke cans and Wayfare’s candy canes. Once immediately rinsing my cans became a religion rather than just a good idea, the ant problem improved considerably. Finding the last few cracks they were coming in through and laying down the chemical barrier seemed to fix the problem absolutely. Unfortunately now I left my pot from dinner soaking in the sink and came back today to find the surface of it just covered in what looked like reddish-brown fuzz. I thought the mold problem had gotten to a ridiculous level until I saw that those were ants. Thousands of tiny, nearly microscopic reddish-brown ants. So, obviously a good thorough cleanup of the sink area was in order. It was a good thing to do, since that mysterious black sludgey stuff had been building up in the cracks around the base of the sink, so now everything looks shiny and stainless again. The ants formed seething yet neat little lines and columns as they marched across the back of the sink, but they didn’t lead anywhere, just sort of loops in and out and around the sink. So I have no idea where they’re coming from this time, unless it’s from down the drain itself.

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