Perfect Creature

September 28th, 2008 by Potato

A big thanks to the Vampire Librarian for pointing me to this unique crime/mystery/steampunk/vampire movie “Perfect Creature“. It’s not a perfect movie; as with many vampire movies there are some strange plot holes, mythologies, and love triangles, but it’s certainly a fair bit better than many other vampire movies, and certainly the best steampunk vampire movie I’ve ever seen. Though there are “vampires”, and the “brothers” refer to themselves as such at one or two points in the film, it’s not really true to the theme of most vampire movies since there is no spreading plague of the undead — vampires are born that way, freaks of nature, and don’t turn anyone.

All that aside, it does explore some really neat ideas. First up, we’re presented with a brother gone bad, off feeding on humans like a real vampire, and the cover-up that ensues. In the film, vampires are the clergy of this alternate world, the immortal overseers of humanity, and it would be a devastating thing to have it be known that one of them went totally batshit fucking loco. So they handle the cover-up and the shaken confidence fairly well alongside the main story of hunting the bugger down.

It starts to get a little muddled towards the end when the action picks up and the sense goes down, but it’s still worth a watch, IMHO.

One Response to “Perfect Creature”

  1. Netbug Says:

    I’ll have to check it out. Steampunk rocks and combining it with vampires is something I never thought of.

    You could create some pretty awesome dystopian steampunck society in which vampires are the clergy and werewolves are the politicians… that would be cool…