Yet More Stock Market Pain

September 17th, 2008 by Potato

The day’s not over yet, but it’s looking like a real killer on the market again. I had expected when news about Lehman Brothers came out on Monday that the Canadian banks would also get hit hard, as would BCE… and while BCE hass been hit hard because of new doubts about whether its takeover will go through, the banks weren’t really hit that hard until today. In fact today the market indicies are down more than on Monday, breaking through to new lows, so who really knows where the bottom is now. It makes me wish I still had some dry powder to go off and do some buying — it seems that I panic more when I can’t bargain shop. I’ve got a list of stocks I’d like to buy today as long as my arm… and while leverage is an option (I haven’t tapped my LoC for the wedding yet), I don’t want to go there with so much uncertainty and falling knives and what-not.

Oh, and this rather weak post is my 500th. Yay?

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