Avoid Typos, Google!

December 11th, 2008 by Potato

There was a short article in the Globe today about how people use Google. I was laughing a fair bit because this is exactly what Wayfare does all the time: rather than type in the address of the site she wants to go to, she Googles the web address. No bookmarks for her, no “messing up” her history bar by typing in something like “facebook.com” directly — she’d rather go to google, then search, then get to where she was actually trying to go. To be fair, it does help avoid typos and getting a website wrong (especially for Canadians, who are never quite sure if they want the .com or the .ca extension). And anyone who’s ever accidentally typed a misspelling of ebay and ended up on a disgusting gross-out site will probably be sworn off the using the URL field entirely.

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