Rogers Price Hike 2009

February 18th, 2009 by Potato

Well, right on schedule, Rogers is forcing through another egregious price hike, in the face of a recession to boot. They’re increasing the price of most services, including bizarrely enough the price of basic cable, by 5%, much higher than the rate of inflation. Basic, analog cable that they are actively trying to phase out. Yes, I suppose increasing the price might get some people off of it (which is their goal, since digital is a cash cow for them), but it makes these price hikes seem like even more of a kick in the pants, since they haven’t put any work into basic cable for years now (at least with the internet they can claim to “add value” every time they hike the price and cut the cap).

I’m getting really sick of it, especially since I hardly ever watch TV anymore. Unfortunately it looks like we’re stuck with Rogers. I figured I’d be fine cutting the cable and going back to over-the-air TV as long as we got a half dozen stations (CBC, City, CTV, Global, maybe a few american stations if we’re lucky)… but we just borrowed a UHF antenna and only one channel came in — and it was A-channel. Ugh. I found that surprising. Maybe it’s something to do with London (I know in Toronto we can pull in most of those stations without an antenna, the signal is so strong), or maybe it has to do with the fact that we’re in a little bungalow with a series of giant apartment towers blocking any signal to our south side. It feels like we’re completely at Rogers’ mercy here.

That’s made even worse this year by the fact that I’ve just gone over a day without cable service — a whole day without internet! Right there that takes Rogers down to “zero” nines for reliability: 99.7% uptime and getting worse the longer I’m sitting here…

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  1. Netbug Says:

    Call tech support!

    No wait… don’t. ;)