BSG: The Pitfalls of Skimming

March 19th, 2009 by Potato

So there I was, back around September-ish, skimming to figure out when my favourite shows were coming back on the air for 2008/2009. Some had not been cancelled outright, but wouldn’t appear again until January (e.g.: Scrubs), so I checked again around New Years. Despite the fact that I definitely remember hearing somewhere that Battlestar Galactica was coming back for another season after the depressing (and bewildering) end to season 4, there wasn’t even an entry for season 5, so who knew when or if it would have more episodes?

Now as it happens I was screwing around with Tversity and Hulu (which still doesn’t work in Canada) and saw a link for the latest BSG episode. The summary was not familiar to me, and since I couldn’t watch it right then and there, I went back to to see if maybe season 5 was just starting up now. Sure enough, still no season 5, but, reading through the season 4 summaries I came to the point where the season “ended” last year, and lo and behold, there are another 10 episodes or so tacked on to the end of season 4. What douchebaggery is that? I know I only skimmed the page and missed the fact that there were new episodes coming this year, but why on earth would they bother trying to classify them as part of an extended season 4 rather than a short season 5? Especially since the DVDs will probably come in two boxsets anyway (season 4.0 and 4.5 most likely). Ah well, at least now I know why I couldn’t find anything about season 5.

I’m not sure I’ll enjoy them anyway since I haven’t liked the path the series was following with this final 5 nonsense.

For those who missed it, Futurama had a few direct-to-video releases to extend the life of that show; all four were pretty good, IMHO, and well worth watching if you’re a Futurama fan.

Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles is one show that I should like much more than I actually do. It’s about terminators, and stopping SkyNet, and all that good stuff, but parts of it I just find annoying. In particular, they’ve had 3 episodes (almost) in a row now full of flashbacks and altered points of view so that we just can’t tell exactly what’s real, and I think it’s just silly. This show doesn’t need that crap; one episode now and then is ok, but the content of the show is straightforward and cool enough that they don’t need to screw around with the narrative structure to try to make it interesting. Leave that nonsense to Lost (who do it far better besides).

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One Response to “BSG: The Pitfalls of Skimming”

  1. Netbug Says:

    I can’t believe you weren’t aware of BSG running new episodes; it’s been all over DIGG and Reddit since the new “season” started. I TRIED watching the first season (I really did). I sat through 8 episodes so far and god is it boring. Nothing happens. Everyone says it’s a great show, but man… is it ever slow to get going…

    I think I’ve decided to cancel my cable service; it’s just not worth it, and this coming from a guy that gets it really cheap because I work for the cable company. I can download everythign I need and stream it through the xbox in HD and the commercials are already excised.

    I tried the Sarah Chronicles last season when they started and kinda liked the first episode, but then kinda fell out of it. It’s not a bad show, but I really wasn’t enjoying it as much as I should have been, just like you.

    Lost is a HELL of a lot better this year and is really getting interesting imo.

    To round out what I’m watching…

    24, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Bones, Smallville (sigh… much potential…), Supernatural (love it), CSI, Dollhouse (as long as they don’t pull a Firefly, this show is getting better by the minute… though I still wish they’d used Dushku and Whedon’s contracts to make a Faith series…).