Petro-Canada Nokia 2760: Volume!

May 27th, 2009 by Potato

I wrote some time ago about choosing Petro-Canada mobility for Wayfare‘s seldom-used cell phone (and the subsequent rate jack). As decent as the pay-as-you-go service is in terms of price, we just couldn’t believe that the phone didn’t come with a volume control. It had other features like a camera and FM radio, how could volume be lacking?!

Finally this week Wayfare tried to use it a few times in a shopping mall and it was so quiet in that noisy (but not ridiculously so) setting that the issue came to a head: I was going to finally write a letter to Petro-Canada to get a phone with volume control. The phone was simply not suitable in this case. I did one last web search on the issue, and first off was surprised to see my site as the top hit for “Nokia 2760 no volume control”. Somewhat below that was a hit to a T-mobile support forum where I found the answer: the phone does have volume control! Though it’s not mentioned in the manual anywhere, if you press left and right on the directional pad you can adjust the volume during a call (there’s no adjustment when you’re not in the middle of a call, and up/down on the pad, which would have been intuitive and was the first thing we tried when we discovered the lack of a separate control on the side, does nothing).

So hurray, the phone is useful again, Petro-Canada’s management is spared my wrath in the form of a polite but firm letter, and we can continue to save money by paying the minimum possible to have a cell phone safety net.

2 Responses to “Petro-Canada Nokia 2760: Volume!”

  1. Joel Kidd Says:

    I also found volume control can be added as a shortcut on the left or right selection keys, thus letting you set the volume while not on a call.

    Settings > My Shortcuts > Left Selection Key (or Right Selection Key > Volume (scroll through list to find it.)

  2. Potato Says:

    Thanks! I’ve made sure that Wayfare saw your comment so that if she ever remembers to charge her cell phone, she can try that out.