Anansi Boys

August 12th, 2009 by Potato

Douglas Adams has figured out how to possess mortals from beyond the grave and is residing in Neil Gaiman’s brain!!


Let me back up a smidge. I like Neil Gaiman’s stuff, I’m rarely disappointed. Sandman and Death were good graphic novel fare, and though the only novel whose title I can remember is American Gods, I’ve enjoyed the 3 or 4 of those I’ve read, too (I thought the Graveyard Book could have been… thicker, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying what was there; indeed, wishing there was more of it is probably high praise). So it was a pretty safe bet that I’d enjoy Anansi Boys as well.

I did.

What I didn’t expect though was that about 3/4 of the way through the book he would suddenly start to channel Douglas Adams (especially that whole bit with the lime). I was laughing out loud (literally) at some points towards the end there. I don’t know if he started getting sleep deprived while writing, or what happened to make the last bit so much more light-hearted, whimsical, and random, but I enjoyed it.

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