Impressive Meteor

September 27th, 2009 by Potato

There was a very bright, impressive meteor near Toronto on Friday night. It only lasted for a few seconds, exactly as the article described: a very bright flash of greenish/white light, and a break-up trail of flaming debris that only lasted a few seconds — it kind of looked like a sparkling firework, except trailing down towards the ground, and impossibly high up. I’m not an expert, and didn’t have any real data on it, but we were around Woodstock in the car heading towards Toronto on the 401, and it was east-north-east of us and looked to be perhaps above Toronto. From the size of the trail of debris, I wouldn’t be too surprised if a fragment survived, but from my point of view it looked like it was heading for the middle of Lake Ontario. Of course, from the comments in the Star article about it, some people from places as far away as Muskoka still thought it was north-east of them, so it might have been really high and really far away — which just makes how very bright it was that much more impressive! CP24 though says that someone in Ajax thought it was to the west of them, which might put it right over Toronto after all (maybe the commenter from Muskoka had his directions wrong?).

The blurb in the Star about it.
The bit on CTV, with a really terrible picture.
CP24’s story.

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