October 14th, 2009 by Potato

ZOMG, totally hella awesome! Hilarious, heartwarming, and full of undead brain-smashing fun. At one point they even had to stop and move a burned-out car off the road so they could drive through, showing that not everyone follows the rules of apocalyptic courtesy in times of crisis. To be fair, it was an obvious accident, so maybe if they hadn’t crashed, the drivers would have pulled over.

One of the strangest things I liked about the movie was the way the special effects for inserting the text into the action (even having rampaging zombies kicking letters out of the way).

The dialogue was witty, and they kept the tone very light (the zombies aren’t particularly scary if you get scared easily). All in all well worth going out to see.

In fact, go see it now.

“Oh, this is the best; it’s where you find out who to call!”

Eschatology is big this year: in addition to the main feature, the trailers featured The Road, 2012, Legion (and New Moon, just to break the pattern).

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