The Vampire’s Assistant

October 28th, 2009 by Potato

We saw the Vampire’s Assistant last night. I thought overall the movie was ok — there were a few cute scenes, the supporting cast was quite good, but the main character was a little flat. He just looked spaced out most of the time, even before being sucked into the crazy overwhelming underworld of Cirque du Freak.

Spoilers follow!

The biggest let-down for me was the ending. It didn’t actually close with “to be continued”, but it was close to it — the movie just ended without resolving the conflict they were building towards through the whole thing.

Next to that was the fact that there was very little exposition as to what being a “half-vampire” entailed. The main character signed up to that fate with very little in the way of questions. From what we can see in the movie, a half vampire gets all the powers of a vampire, but can also walk about in the daylight. Why anyone would then opt to become a full vampire is a question left unanswered. I really found that surprising — from the foreshadowing in the movie, I figured that there would be limitations to being a half-vampire, but the main character’s spider affinity would grant him some additional powers that would make the confrontation at the end (which never came) more balanced.

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