November 13th, 2009 by Potato

TD has recently opened up a “store” for TD Visa customers called ShopMyAXS. The name makes no sense to me, I don’t know if the capitalized letters are supposed to be meaningful or not. Apparently it’s a discount club type store that only sells to the clients of certain businesses (such as TD).

It looks like they have a fairly decent selection of random items from TVs to movie passes, board games to sports equipment, with some very nice discounts on some things, along with larger deals of the day. Unfortunately, the only shipping method is Purolator, and that sucks a lot of life out of the bargains. For instance, they have Cineplex Night Out passes (2 admissions, 1 popcorn, 2 drinks) for $20, which is a great deal for those passes. However, the shipping charges are $7 to Toronto (and $12 to London) and there’s a limit of 2, so that makes it barely worth getting ($7 to ship a piece of paper!). An iPod was on sale (and according to Wayfare, iPods never go on sale — I wouldn’t know, they’re not an item I keep my eye on), and there was a fantastic promotion on an LG 42″ TV for $700 + shipping of ~$65. We read some mixed reviews: good picture, but apparently has an audio sync issue with HDMI. That had us on the fence, but it was hard to ignore the fact that it was $100 cheaper than the best price (even last Boxing Day) we had seen on the Samsung we were thinking of getting… so we’ll take the chance on it (especially since we don’t have any HDMI devices yet, unless the Xbox counts). Plus Wayfare’s mom got a 37″ LG TV recently and it’s beautiful — and we got some money from her parents specifically to buy a new TV as a gift (they left it up to us to pick one). I’ll do a review of the TV when it comes in.

The bargain hunters at red flag deals have discovered MyAXS, so if you’re after one of those crazy deals of the day this month, be prepared to log in early!

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